Apparently I Have 400 Followers and a YouTube Channel Now…? Also, Readathin November?

It’s the middle of October and I haven’t posted anything on here since the beginning of August. I want to take this time to apologize but also say welcome to all the new followers! Thanks for following and being here!

I am going to try to get on a blog schedule and post at least once a week. Just like I do with my BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
That’s right. I got too brave and started a YouTube channel where I try to post about three videos every weekend.
So yeah, follow me there. If you want too.

YouTube Link!

But yes! I’ve missed blogging and I will try to get back in to.
I also have a TON of notifications from you all that I will get too this weekend.
When I say I left blogging, I seriously haven’t logged into my account since August.
Also, my app on my phone isn’t working for some reason, or I would have responded sooner.
I have to figure out my life.

ALSO. Readathin is coming back in November! Be sure to check out all of our announcement posts!

JOIN IN! It goes the whole month of November!
Goodreads: READATHIN

Uhm, that’s it for this announcement post!
Be on the look out for an actual blog post soon!
AND responses to all your comments, tags, and Readathin August Wrap-ups!

Be sure to tag us all in your Readathin November TBRs too!
That’s enough from me, but I also post daily on Instagram and in the Insta stories feature. In case, you ever miss me and need more of my annoying face.

Twitter – @JescaMarie493
Instagram – @jescamarie493
Goodreads – Jessica 4jmarie


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