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June 2017 Book Haul!

Welcome to Another Book Haul!

All of the pictures featured, I put up on my Instagram first! So check it out!

First Stop: Books-A-Million! – I got the Rory Gilmore Funko Pop and Beautiful Bastard!
Second Stop: Barnes & Noble! – I got We are the Ants, Wonder, and After We Collided!
Third Stop: BookSwapAThon! – I got Fruits Baskets from Amanda at ACourtofBooksandLove!

june book haul 6.png

Fourth Stop: I won a giveaway on Instagram from @laurenreadz! It was for $50 on Book Depository! So I got This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet, The Names They Gave Us, and When Dimple Met Rishi!

june book haul 1.png

Fifth Stop: I won a giveaway on Instagram from @herbookheart! For this ARC of Mean Girls! My first ARC Ever!

june book haul 2.png

Sixth Stop: Thrift Store! – I got Wonder and Wicked!
Seventh Stop: Dollar Tree! – I got Struck by Lightning, Choosing Glee, and Boys R Us. The last two have explanations, that I don’t feel like explaining. Ha.
Eight Stop: Local Used Book Store! – I got The Throne of Fire, Calendar Girl, Beautiful Secret, and The Isle of the Lost!

That’s it! Only 19 books!
That’s not a lot, right?

Thanks for Reading!
Instagram: jescamarie493
Goodreads: jessicamarie493

Twitter : @jescamarie493Β  4jmarie


28 thoughts on “June 2017 Book Haul!

  1. OMGOSH! so much fun reading your haul in this format Jessica, loved it! and Fruits Baskets has been on my manga TBR for far too long for reasons other than the GORGE pastels lol. That 4th stop though! was a SCORE! I hope you enjoy all of your new reads <3!

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