The Friday 56

The Friday 56 – We are the Ants by Shawn David Hutchinson

the friday 56Welcome to The Friday 56!
Hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice (
RULES: -Grab a book, any book. – Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
-Find any sentence (or a few, be sure not to spoil anything)

– I just bought We are the Ants by Shawn David Hutchinson this month.
– I ccan’t wait to get to it and have heard nothing but amazing things.
– So in anticipation of reading it soon, I wanted to feature it on a The Friday 56!

we are the ants.jpg“So what if Marcus hadn’t invited me? He hadn’t not invited me. No matter what happened, I could always let the world end and the universe forget. It would forget the party and Calypso and Earth. It would forget Charlie and Zooey and Marcus and Mom and Nana. It had already forgotten Jesse, and if I let it, it would forget me, too.

I could write my name across the sky, and it would be in invisible ink.”


Book Beginnings is a perfect tie-in to The Friday 56. Check out for more info. But all you do is post the beginning sentence of a book, and your thoughts on it. Super simple!

Prologue: “Life is bullshit.”

Chapter One: “The biggest letdown about being abducted by aliens is the abundance of gravity on the spaceship. We spend our first nine months of life floating, weightless and blind, in an amniotic sac before we become gravity’s bitch, and the seductive lure of space travel is the promise of returning to that perfect state of grace. But it’s a sham. Gravity is jealous, sadistic, and infinite.

Sometimes I think gravity may be death in disguise. Other times I think gravity is love, which is why love’s only demand is that we fall.”

we are the ants quote

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