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BookSwapAThon Update!

This is a brand new to me readathon! It runs from June 18th to June 24th! Be sure to check out the videos linked to learn more information!
BookandJams – YT LINK
Derby_Lane Reading – YT LINK

I already posted about this in my June TBR (here).
But I wanted to do a separate post and update on how far I’ve gotten.

Let’s recap!

Reading Challenges:
1. Swap a book with a buddy (either use the google form linked above to request a buddy, find your own buddy online or in person)

2. Swap a book at a thrift store or library (donate a book and bring home another)

  • I went on a journey to three Little Free Libraries near me. I posted about the journey on Instagram if you want to see more. But I came back with The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I have loved everything else that I read by him, so I’m excited to use this book to fulfill this challenge!

3. Read a book you swapped out for another book (one you set down because another book caught your interest)

  • Okay, so this is kind of controversial. But I’m setting down Crooked Kingdom to  read The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli. I’m not giving up on Crooked Kingdom, I love the characters to much for that. I’m just not in a adventure fantasy mood. So bring on more contemporary reads!

4. Swap out format (if you normally read paperbacks, listen to an audiobook.)

  • I usually read Paperbacks/Hardcovers. So I will be switching to an e-book to read  Ruckus by JL Shen!

5. Swap out genre (get out of your comfort zone!)

  • I’m going to be reading the Manga, Fruit Baskets, that Amanda sends me. Which is also a genre that I’ve never read. But I’m excited to try it out!

What I’ve read so Far!

  • 15% of the way into Ruckus by JL Shen! Loving it so far.
  • 85 pages into Fruits Baskets! Which I’m liking, but still getting the hang of reading backwards.
  • Haven’t started Upside of Unrequited
  • Haven’t started The Red Pyramid

Those are the four books that I plan to read this week during the readthon!
It’s not to late to join in!
I will update you at the end of everything with a wrap up!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for Reading!
Instagram: jescamarie493
Goodreads: jessicamarie493

Twitter : @jescamarie493 5jmarie


10 thoughts on “BookSwapAThon Update!

    1. I think this is the first time that they’ve done BookSwapAThon, so I’m not sure when they’re doing it again.
      Other than this one I’ve done BookBuddyAThon, and Emojiathon. So not too many yet. I’m trying to find one for July! 🙂

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