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Fierce Fangirl Friday – Bookish Etsy Shops!

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This week I want to talk about the new slight obsession that I’ve gained.
Buying too much bookish merch. I’ll be honest, I don’t like candles in the slightest. I know there are a TON of bookish candle shops out there though. Therefore this post will be mostly bookmarks, book sleeves, and bookish tattoos!
I’m gonna share their Etsy shop links and their Instagram links! I’ll also share the items that I’ve bought so far. I also have a big order from RedBubble on the way. So I may include those too. This is going to be a long list. Buckle up!


Let’s start out with Hey Atlas Creative! They sell bookmarks, stickers, and journals of various bookish quotes. At the moment you can buy three, and get the fourth free till the end of May. So jump on that! Here are some Instagram posts of mine showing off my favorites!
Shop Link –
Instagram Link – @treehouseofbooks

Next I want to show off a shop called Oriandle! I ordered only one bookmark and they put in three smaller bookmarks for free. I was so excited! Here’s my Instagram of the Sarah J. Maas Bookmarks. They also sent me a Peter Pan one, which I love! 🙂
Shop Link – Oriandle
Instagram Link – @Oriandle

oriandle bookmarks.png

Next is a brand new shop. I only bought one bookmark, but I’m excited to buy more! It’s HandmadeGardnerMagic! They have really cute Hogwarts House bookmarks, and Disney Mickey Mouse Ears! So Cute! Here’s the Hufflepuff Bookmark that I got!
Shop Link –
Instagram Link – @HandmadeGardnerMagic

homemadegardnermagic bookmarks.png

The next few shops I have ordered from, but they haven’t come in yet. So I don’t have pictures! But they are so great and you should definitely check out these shops! I’m excited for my orders to come in!
DrawnToThePages – Shop Link – DrawnToThePages
Instagram Link – @drawntothepages

What I Ordered:
drawnto the pages

OtterNonsenseDesigns – Shop Link – OtterNonsenseDesigns
Instagram Link – @Otternonsensedesigns

What I Ordered:

Nerdygrldesigns – Shop Link – NerdyGrlDesigns
Instagram Link – @nerdygrldesigns

What I Ordered:

MarkedbyMary – Shop Link – MarkedByMary
Instagram Link – @Markedbymary

What I Ordered:


The first shop is the only one that I’ve ordered from. And that is BookBubbie! I love all of the designs. I got the Gold Rose/Flower Pattern one! And the inside is also super pretty! They have new Hogwarts House Sleeves coming soon! Plus the Galaxy prints are awesome!
Shop Link – bookbubbie
Instagram Link – @bookbubbie


I really want to order from BabyMyBook next! They have book sleeves, along with book purses! The purses have multiple pockets that you can keep a notebook or page tabs in. They have Hogwarts House sleeves as well as other really great patterns! I would love to get the Blue Arrow Pattern when I get the money!
Shop Link – BabyMyBook
Instagram Link – @babymybook


I would also love to order from Story Time Sleeve! Their Instagram says that they have new patterns coming. They’re all super cute! They have a giveaway for a sleeve going on on Instagram right now too! Check it out!
I really like the Blood Splatter Sleeve. Lol. It would make some really great Bookstagram pictures!
Shop Link – StoryTimeSleeve
Instagram Link – @StoryTimeSleeve



There’s only one shop that I’ve found so far that makes temporary Bookish Tattoos. BookMark’d Tattoos has amazing temporary tattoos, that obviously make the best Bookstagram Pictures. I really want the Feyre sleeve tattoo or the #bookstagram one. They look so good.
Shop Link – BookMarkdTattoos
Instagram Link – @bookmarkd.tattoos

bookmarkd tattoos.png

Since this post is already so long, I’ll save my RedBubble order for another post!
I got 16 postcards of prints from multiple different book series. I did it for the Bookstagram. Also, all of them were 50% off. So that order is now justified. But I’m excited to get it and share it on Instagram and here with you all!

I will make sure to do another one of these posts when I find new shops that I’m loving. Recommend me some bookish shops down below!
Don’t forget to check for Rep Codes from the shops I mentioned to get some discounts! 

shop world gets better.gifThanks for Reading!
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Goodreads: jessicamarie493

Twitter : @jescamarie493  3jmarie


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