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Fierce Fangirl Friday – Musicals!

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This week I want to talk about the musicals that I’m loving at the moment!
Usually, I only like one or two songs from musicals. But these are the ones that I love the whole entire soundtrack off!


– I’ve talked about this musical before, but I love it so much. I’ve listened to this soundtrack non stop. I also love the cover that Thomas Sanders did of the main song Waving Through a Window – YT LINK – it’s amazing!
– I know there’s ways to watch the whole musical online, so I may check that out soon.
– But basically this musical is about Evan and Conner. It features teen suicide and the power of social media. It’s just amazing, you guys.
– Be sure to check out the Wikipedia page to fill in the gaps between songs. It’ll make it that much better.


– I’m so late to this. This musical came out years ago. But I just started listening to it in the last few weeks or so.
– It’s amazing and addictive and FUNNY. I laugh so much while listening to it.
– Plus, I just love Josh Gad. So there’s that.


– You guys, this just came to Broadway in the last month or so. But it looks amazing.
– I loved the movie Anastasia so much when I was younger. Dimitri and Bartok, every character is amazing. I can’t wait for the cast recording to come onto iTunes so I can listen to it on repeat.


– Did you think I would forget about this wonderful work?
– I know most people love and adore this musical. SO I won’t go on too much.
– But I do suggest that you check it out.
– My favorite songs are Wait for It, It’s Quiet Uptown, Non-Stop, and Yorktown. I love it all though!

rent seasons of loveOTHER SONGS I LOVE
  • Seasons of Love – Rent
  • Don’t Rain on My Parade – Funny Girl – Thanks Glee
  • One Day More – Les Miserables
  • America – West Side Story
  • Sugar Daddy – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • Cell Block Tango – Chicago

musical theatrey.gifLet me know what other musicals I should check out!
I wish I had all the money to go see these in person! But for now I will fangirl over the soundtracks/cast recordings on iTunes.

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21 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday – Musicals!

    1. I love Rent. Seeing it live for first time in September. Oddily enough, I first listened to and fell in love with the musical Fall of 2012 so seeing it in September this year makes 5 years since my journey with Rent began

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  1. YAY I’m so happy to see another FFF post!!! Thank you for participating, it literally makes my day πŸ’œ

    I haven’t heard of Dear Evan Hansen before but it sounds amazing so I’ll definitely have to check that one out! And Anastasia omg 😍😍😍😍 it looks wonderful from what I’ve seen in the Gifs!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Never seen any of these musicals, but do have something against Hamilton. Songs are highly important to me in a musical and don’t like hip-hop or rap music that much. I have seen a wide range of musicals like Annie, Sound of Music, Pippin, Music Man, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Newsies, etc. I was raised on musicals and have always loved going to the theatre. Musicals have a bigger meaning than they ever have now.

    Wicked was what sparked the love when seeing the musical on Broadway in 2006 as a 12 year old. It was the show which truly shaped my vision of what I want in a musical. It was how I began to understand the emotional side of musicals. All the musicals I grew up with were these happy musicals. Well, it was a tragic musical that turned my love of musicals into a passion and that musical happened to be Les Mis and challenged my view of musicals.

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    1. I love certain songs from Les Mis and Wicked. I need to take the time to listen to the whole cast recording.
      You know way more about musicals than I do! I hope to expand my love for them as the years go on. Mainly since I just got into musicals in the last year or so. But I love them so much. πŸ™‚


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