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The Newbie Book Blog Tag

I’ve only been doing this blogging thing since about December. About five months means you’re still a newbie, right?
Anyways, I found this on Mom’s Book Collection – Be sure to check out her answers to this tag!

Here we go:

1 – Why did you start this blog?

  • To gain confidence in letting my opinions be known. I usually just keep my opinions to myself. I want to be heard. I love books. This blog is just a combination.

2- What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

  • I think I’m funny. I try to keep everything light and happy.

3 – What are you most excited for about this new blog?

  • To get the chance to connect with other people who like books, and learn what new books are worth the read.

4 – Why do you love reading?

  • To get away from everything around me. To let my anxiety go and just focus on what’s in front of me.

5 – What book or series got you into reading? 

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

6 – What questions would you ask your favorite authors?

  • Could you write more books a little faster? Lol.

7 – What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

  • Staying up to date with everything. Getting, reading, and reviewing the newest releases can be a lot to stay on top of.

8 – When did you start reading?

  • Elementary school.

9 – Where do you read?

  • Usually in bed or outside.

10 – What kind of books do you like to read?

  • YA Fantasy, YA Contemporary, New Adult. Those are the three that I usually read from. I do read some Middle Grade every so often also.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this quick tag!

breakfast club.gifThanks for Reading!
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13 thoughts on “The Newbie Book Blog Tag

  1. I’m new to blogging too! I really enjoy what I have seen of your blog so far! Definitely going to try out this tag myself, and link back to yours if you don’t mind. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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