100 followers! + Q&A!

Thank You!

100 followersThank you all so much for following and sticking around!
I love blogging and letting my thought and opinions about books be known.
It’s been really great at helping my anxiety and confidence. You guys really have no idea.

I also hit 500 lifetime likes the day after! Thank you for liking my posts!

This all actually happened about a week ago. But life got in the way and today is the first time that I’ve had to sit down and write some blog posts. Terribly sorry.

500 likesMy first follower ever was JenacidebyBibliophile- link – Thank you for following!

The 100th follower was Tracy at Mybookishexperience –link– Be sure to check her out! And Thank you!

I also want to thank some people who comment and like almost everything I post:


And so many others! Just thank you so much for being here!

grace commening on your commentsLeave Me Some Questions in the Comments!

I’ll come back to this post next weekend and do a whole post answering questions! Ask me about my life, loves, books, TV shows, whatever you guys want. Just get to know me a little better. πŸ™‚
I’ll be sure to answer them all!

Thank you again so much for following!

oh my god.gifThanks for Reading!
Instagram: jescamarie493
Goodreads: jessicamarie493

Twitter : @jescamarie493 4jmarie



16 thoughts on “100 followers! + Q&A!

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! You deserve all the followers :). Do you have any pets? What was your very first blog post? and last one Who inspired you to start blogging? Ha sorry lots of them :P.

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  2. Congrats on hitting 500!! That’s a huge landmark! I’m gonna go for a non-book question just to be different, but who are some of your favorite artists (I understand that’s a heavy question because even I’d be like “uh….”) and what are some of your favorite TV shows?

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  3. What are your favorite genres and recommendations for that genre? (I’m not sure if it posted so here’s my other question πŸ˜‚) If you could have an ARC of any book what would it be? Oh, and another! What was the last book you finished and what was your favorite part about it?

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