The Friday 56

The Friday 56 – Geekerella

the friday 56Welcome to The Friday 56!
Hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice (
RULES: -Grab a book, any book. – Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
-Find any sentence (or a few, be sure not to spoil anything)

— I just finished this book! And it’s so good. I know you all have read many reviews on it. But it deserves it all.
— If you need more convincing to pick up this book, here’s an excerpt from page 56!
— This is in the guy’s POV, which I think is one of the best parts of this book. Multiple POVs just make me soooo happy.

“What I want is an Orange Crush. It’s my one and only kryptonite, diet or no diet. One of these floors has to have a soda machine, and even a walk down the hall beats being holed up in a hotel room.

I’m pulling a hoodie over my head when the door lock clicks green and Mark strides in, coming off a call from some other agent or producer or whoever.

“Hey! Yo, ever heard of knocking?” I grumble, tugging my hoodie down in aggravation.”


book-beginningsBook Beginnings is a perfect tie-in to The Friday 56. Check out for more info. But all you do is post the beginning sentence of a book, and your thoughts on it. Super simple!

“The stepmonster is at it again.

“Sweetie, a little faster this morning.” She snaps her fingers for me to hurry up.”

— While reading this, I just couldn’t help but think of the Disney movies with Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez. I love those movies. This book just reminded me of them both so much! I love it!

cinderella story.gifThanks for Reading!
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