5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday – 4/2/17 – Must Have Apps

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This week’s topic: Freebie Week! – Must Have Apps on My iPhone.

–This was a topic before I started participating in this weekly post, and it looked fun! So here we go!

  1. Tumblr – You guys, I’m obsessed with The Sims 4 and reading Simblrs and Sim Stories. Some of my favorites are from blarffy, thefoxandhersimblr, saucy-sims, sandy-sims, and so much more. It’s like reading a book, but one post/day at a time. So much fun.
  2. Instagram, WordPress, and Goodreads – These are the social medias that I check throughout the day. I don’t need them at all, but I use them daily… Especially Instagram stories. It’s embarrassing how much I use that. lol.
  3. My Candy Crush apps – I fall asleep playing Candy Crush. I have 6 different candy crush-ish apps. But I use them daily. My favorite is Soda Candy Crush and I’m on level 495. Yep, it’s bad of a habit.
  4. Apple Music – I pay the $5 a month to be able to listen to basically anything. I love it. It’s basically my Spotify.
  5. Bookout – This is a new one, but this app tracks your reading time. Basically, you tell it what book you’re reading and the page you’re starting on. Hit start on the timer and when you’re done put in the page number you got too. It tells you stats about how fast you read a page or how many pages you can read in an hour. With Six of Crows, I was reading a page a minute. To me that was really cool to figure out. I’m going to keep trying out this app, but I do feel like sometimes I’m being timed. And that kind of takes the fun out of reading for me. :/

–I’m very particular about the layout of my phone. I hate folders. I only have one folder for the apps that Apple won’t let you delete. Ugh. But I hate having more than two pages of apps. So with that, I don’t have many apps. Is anybody else like that? Please let me know that I’m not alone. lol.
— So that is it! Thanks for reading and learning more about me!

candy crush.gifHope you enjoyed!
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4 thoughts on “5 Things on Sunday – 4/2/17 – Must Have Apps

  1. My fave besides Goodreads is LibraryThing…I forget what I have copies of, so when I was packing, I scanned all my books and took a pic of their covers and now I have my library wherever I go! It is AWESOME. It uses Amazon and the library of congress to catalog your book and it finds everything. I love it so much!

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      1. It’s free in the App Store! I found out I had FOUR COPIES OF NEW MOON! Four! And two copies of Mockingjay! And I had dupes of my VC Andrews books, too! Needless to say I ended donating to the library after picking the ones in the best shape. Now if I find a duplicate, I pull up my image of my book on my app, and see if it’s in better shape than the one I own. I replaced my copy of The Hunger Games with a better copy from Goodwill a couple days ago bc I could see mine wasn’t in great shape.
        See, I kept thinking I was missing those particular books so I kept getting them. I’m actually missing Catching Fire and now I know that. I thought I had HP and I didn’t have any! So it has helped me so much, and all you do is scan the barcode. Or type the book name in. I hope you check it out!

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