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March Favorites 2017

I feel like I didn’t accomplish a lot in March at all. But here are the things that I ended up loving this month!


save myself ed sheeran— Ed Sheeran’s new CD has been on repeat for me. My favorites are Save Myself and Galeway Girl.
— The Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack is amazing! I’ve been listening to it non-stop as well.
— I also did a 5 Things on Sunday about my favorite music at the moment! –LINK-


snipperclips.gif— The Nintendo Swtich came out at the beginning of the month. I’ve only play Snipperclips and 1,2 Switch. Both are super fun party games. I think the Switch is just really inventive. I’m not a huge Zelda person, but that game looks amazing. I’ve been watching the GameGrumps play it on YT, and it’s just so fun.

Blog Posts

— I loved doing the Anything But Books Tag.
— I also really liked how my Bullet Journal: Trackers I Use post turned out.
— My most viewed post month was The Happiness Tag. So thank you for that! I hope to do that tag again in a few months, so I can remind myself of what makes me happy.
— Also thank you again for following! I reach the milestone of getting 50 followers! Mwah!


beauty and the best be our guest.gif— The Beauty and the Beast movie was GORGEOUS. Besides her yellow dress, I loved everything about it. I think Josh Gad is now my new favorite person. I loved the backstory that you got on Belle’s mom. I loved the white dress she had on in the closing song/scene, it was perfect. The movie was just great.

— New to me YouTubers I’ve been binge watching this month: Simply Nailogical, Thomas Sanders, and Boho Berry for Bullet Journal learning!

confess tv show— Confess by Colleen Hoover is being turned into a TV show and it premiers April 4th! I hope it’s good! If you don’t know, Confess is my favorite CoHo book, so I will definitely tell you guys my thoughts on the show!

— Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with my TV shows at the moment. The 100 is kind of boring this season. And I just keep forgetting to watch Riverdale! How sad is that. SO the only show I’ve watched this month is a couple episodes of Bring It On!. Yep, slacking.

–On a personal note, March was just very bleh. Spring break happened, but I didn’t go anywhere. I just stayed home and watch my family’s dogs instead. I’ve been dealing a lot of self-doubt and my anxiety. I mean, I had a panic attack after seeing Beauty and the Beast basically because some 16 year olds stared at me and then laughed. And I internalized that to mean that I looked ugly and fat and worthless and anything else. Which is so dumb. But that’s how my brain works. So I didn’t really want to go to a theme park with huge crowds on spring break. Crowds are one of my triggers, and when I was there last I really just wanted to stay at the hotel all day. So I just stayed home this time, instead of wasting money. Sometimes, that’s just what happens and I have to miss things. But I’m learning to be okay with. Thanks for reading this weird journal entry. lol.

jenna hot mess.gif

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