Harry Potter Moment of the Week

Harry Potter Moment of the Week – 3/30/17

-Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a feature started by Leah over at Uncorked Thoughts.
–This meme is now hosted by Lunar Rainbows (link).
-The idea is to get Harry Potter fans together and discuss the series!
-Each Thursday there’s a new Harry Potter related question. Join in!

-Today’s Question – Would you have joined Dumbledore’s Army? Even with Umbridge breathing down your neck?

dumbledores army list— Short Answer: DUH.
— But seriously, I try to do the right thing. Even if it has huge consequences.
— I would try to join in. I definitely wouldn’t be Cho Chang and rat out everyone though.
— You know that question on Pottermore that asks if you would rat out the kid cheating on a spell test? My answer is the one that says you tell the teacher to ask the kid himself. I’m am so not ratting anyone out.
— I would definitely try to be one of the background members of Dumbledore’s Army, for sure.

dumbledores army

— By the way the Pine Marten is my Patronus. At one point in time it was JK Rowling’s as well. Which was super cool.

pine marten again.png

dumblores army girls.gif

Let me know what your answer is below!
Be sure to try to this next week!
Thanks for Reading!

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5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week – 3/30/17

  1. I’m with you there. I’d so be in the background. It’s like dodgeball–I’d be out of the way until totally necessary. My patronus is the raven, which is interesting since I’m a Hufflepuff and that patronus isn’t usually associated with my house.

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  2. I would probably be a background member as well. I’d tag along with a friend and learn. I’m super shy about everything so I know that I wouldn’t want to be super vocal about anything. I wouldn’t even have the chance to tell on them because I would be too nervous to speak!

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