5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday – 3/26/17

This weekly meme is brought to you by Kendra @ Reads and Treats.
Be sure to check it out and join in! It’s super easy and fun to share simple things about your life.

This week’s topic: What would your pet say if he/she could talk?

–Here’s a picture of my parents’ dog and my brother’s dog. I just recently dog watched them while everyone else was out of town. They were in a lot of my Instagram stories then also. Which I thought were funny, but who knows.
–Scooby is a Boxer, he’s about 6 years old. Little Dog (ya know like Little Bear, but not, I’m not making fun of him for being small-I swear!) is a Yorkie mix, and he’s about a year old.  So basically, both are still puppies in my mind and need so much attention.

So let’s jump into it!

  1. “can i has a piece of bread? it’s right there. you know i love it.” – Scooby will eat any sort of bread if you leave it out. We have to put it up on the top shelf of the pantry so he can’t get to it. It’s funny, but also not.
  2. “you will open this door. i don’t care that you’re in the shower. you will open this door.” -Little dog will not leave you alone. Ever. He will bark and scratch the door nonstop.
  3. scooby doo pizza.gif“oh. you’re eating. i’ll just sit right here beside you and slobber on your leg.” – Boxers slobber. A lot. And it’ll end up on your pants and everywhere else.
  4. “it’s ten at night. time to play.” – When I was watching them, they both decieded to go crazy and want to play when I was in bed about to fall asleep. It was awful.
  5. “you left me outside all day. i don’t like you. … oh. you’re feeding me. i guess i love you again.” – Aren’t all pets like this? They look at you like you’re an awful person for going to work all day, then you feed them and they won’t leave you alone afterwards. lol.

boxer dog.gif

Hope you enjoyed!
Be sure to join in next week!
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