Mini Reviews – Sparrow & Vicious by L.J. Shen

–This is going to be my first attempt at a book review, other than a wrap-up. I decided to try out doing some mini reviews before doing a full out review. Let’s see how it goes. Don’t judge me too harshly!

feels sprinkle.gif–Overall, the writing in all of these is amazing. It really got across who to love and who to hate. I loved the progression in these books as well. If I had had the time, I probably would’ve read all of them in one sitting. They were that addictive and enjoyable. L.J. Shen can write some really good jerk-ish assholes. You know you shouldn’t like them, but you end up loving them anyways. That happens in all three of these books.
–One thing I didn’t like was that I wasn’t crazy in love with any of the guys, except Jamie from Defy. Maybe it was because they were all jerks in the beginning and just rude. I love reading about that. But I would hate that in real life, obviously. There was just a disconnect from the guy characters for me.

vicious quotes Vicious by L.J. Shen (Goodreads / The Friday 56)– 4/5 Stars

My Quick Summary – This is about Vicious and Emilia. It jumps back and forth from their high school time to ten years later. Emilia’s parents are Vicious’s parents housekeepers. Therefore Vicious has always treated Emilia horribly, even to the point of leaving her family behind after graduation.

My Quick Review – This was one of those “I really shouldn’t like this-This relationship is horrible-This guy is so over-controlling and jealous” but you end up loving it anyways kind of books. Vicious is just really awful. Emilia tries to stand up to him, but fails a lot. She ends up working for him, and it’s totally cliche. At the same time, everything is great and memorable. In short, I really liked it even though I should not have. I also really liked the different family relationships that happened. You have Emilia’s close-knit family and then Vicious’s falling-apart family. It was interesting the dynamic that that created.

defyDefy by L.J. Shen (Goodreads) – 4/5 Stars

My Quick Summary – This novella is about Jamie and his teacher Melody Greene. Basically he seduces her and it’s great. It even says it’s an insta-lust novella in the description. It’s just a quick story of how the principal’s son gets together with the teacher that the principal dislikes the most in the school.

My Quick Review – This is the novella that says it’s supposed to be before Vicious, but I honestly wouldn’t read it first. That’s just me though. They are all stand-alones. But it’s a great teacher-student, insta-love romance and I did really enjoy it! This one was definitely the hottest and sexiest of the three.You learn a tad bit more about the game the high school boys play called Defy. Hits the name of the book. Some things in Vicious make more sense after reading this novella.

–Also the third book for this little series Ruckus, comes out May 26! It’s about Emilia’s little sister and Emilia’s first boyfriend, Dean. It looks like it’s going to be soo good.

sparrow quote another.jpgSparrow by L.J. Shen (Goodreads / The Friday 56 ) – 4/5 Stars

My Quick Summary – This is about Sparrow and Troy, with a cast of other characters. In the beginning Sparrow is marrying Troy in a sort of arranged marriage. She hates it, and is really a “I will not do what you tell me too” kind-of girl. Troy is involved in a mobster sort-of scene, so that adds another layer to his character and the story arc, which I loved.

My Quick Review – This had a lot of characters, and I loved them all.  It had a lot of twists and turns that I hadn’t expected. It’s an enemies to lovers story and an arranged marriage … sort of. At first, I didn’t like the main guy at all. But you know how these stories go, and I ended up kinda sorta liking Troy. He wasn’t my favorite of the three, but I think he redeemed himself. Even if it had a sort of Stockholm syndrome element too it. I think this is my favorite of the three that I have read so far, mainly because I’m a sucker for the crime aspect of what happens in this book. Although there was the trope of the virgin falling for the jerk, which is so overdone in new adult, I still enjoyed it in this book anyways.

–I feel like every new adult book that I’ve read lately the girl is a red head. Not that that’s important or anything, but still. Is that a new trope? Am I the only one noticing this?–

kissing book.gifHope you enjoyed!
Thanks for Reading!
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