5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday – 3/19/17

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This week’s topic: Favorite Songs

— I just did The Happiness Tag, where I put some of my favorite songs. So check that out for more song recommendations! This post is kind of full of new-ish songs that I’m loving at the moment. Enjoy!

  1. Dirty Laundry – All Time Low
  2. Galway Girl & Save Myself – Ed Sheeran – I’ve been listening to this CD non-stop lately.
  3. Fresh Eyes – Andy Grammer
  4. Play that Song – Train
  5. The whole Beauty and the Beast soundtrack for the movie! I love it all. I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m writing this on Tuesday so I haven’t watched the movie yet. But I’m sure it will be great. Even if I’m from a super not great state that has movie theaters boycotting the movie because of a gay character that was in the original animated movie. But WHATEVER. I’m still watching it. Can you tell I’m kind of salty about the state I live in?
  6. I feel like after number five, I owe you another song so check out this mashup by Landon Austin – YouTube Link

saucy sprinkle.gifHope you enjoyed!
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4 thoughts on “5 Things on Sunday – 3/19/17

  1. All the songs you listed, plus the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack are all YESSS!!!! Love all of those! I’m pretty much obsessed with the movie soundtrack right now after watching the movie and I swear “Gaston” will be in my head for weeks.

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