5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday – 3/12/17

This weekly meme is brought to you by the wonderful Kendra @ Reads and Treats.
Be sure to check it out and join in! It’s super easy and fun to share simple things about your life.

This week’s topic: What You Like/Dislike About Day Light Savings (you choose which one).

  1. I dislike that the sun will come up later. Am I even thinking of the right time change?
  2. But I love that the sun will not be set by the time the work day is over. This is so contradictory with number one, but also doesn’t everyone feel this way?
  3. I like that this means that it will consistently stay warm. There won’t be weeks that range from 30 degrees to 80 degrees. Hopefully.
  4. I like that this means people won’t look at me weird for wearing sandals anymore. Apparently, there’s some sort of rule that you can’t wear sandals in January or February even if it’s 60 degrees outside? Stop silently judging me for my footwear, goodness.
  5. Day Light Savings to me represents that spring break is near, that summer is coming, good moods will be more likely to happen. It’s just a good year on it’s way. Or at least I hope so.

grace harry potter.gifHope you enjoyed! Be sure to join in next week!
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