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Bullet Journal: Trackers I Use

Bullet Journaling is a new fad in my life recently. It has helped me a lot. Not only with staying on top of things, but also with making sure I take care of myself which I sometimes forget to do.

journal butterfly.gifThis post is just to share what kind of trackers I use for self-care, blog posts, and my reading. Remember that I am not the most creative person on the planet. These trackers will be messy and all over the place. But they work for me and that’s the whole point of a bullet journal. All I use are cheap pens, colored pencils, and a random notebook I got at Target.
Let me know what other trackers work well for you. I need to find a way to track my reading goals and accomplishments easier. Enjoy these pictures of my tackers!

Yearly Mood Tracker – I got inspiration for this from a My Life in Pixels post on Pinterest. I totally just tweaked it to work for me and used a All Time Low lyric to fill in some empty space.updated mood tracker

2017 Books Read Tracker:books read tracker
Bills Due Tracker:bills tracker.jpg

Blog Post Tracker: This is my current March tracker. I just write how many posts I posted that day, and then if it falls into one of my current weekly memes/posts I check it off. If the topic for that week doesn’t fit my reading or I just decide to skip it, then it gets an X. Simple.blog tacker

Blog Stats Tracker: I only keep track of stats monthly. Otherwise, I don’t even look at my numbers for this blog. It’ll stress me out if I spend too much time on it. I also put different quotes on the next page to remind myself that the numbers don’t define me and not to stress out about it.


jan habit trackerMonthly Habit Tracker: This is the main one that I fill out daily. At the moment I’m tracking:

  • my mood,
  • medicine,
  • hours of sleep,
  • bottles of water,
  • Instagram posts,
  • journaling,
  • anxiety,
  • blog posts,
  • daily reading,
  • no spending,
  • and no skipping meals.

feb trackerAs you can see, some things I do accomplish daily. Others don’t happen as much. And that’s okay! Also, I’m not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the days that have red dots by them are when I got my period. Cause you have to track that mess somehow, and this was the most discrete way I could think of. Since my notebook is smaller, I changed how I laid out my March Habit tracker and I absolutely hate it. It almost makes me want to not use it. But I am getting through it and that’s the good thing about Bullet Journals. You can change everything as you go.

march dailiesDailies: This is what my daily spreads look like at the moment. I track my water intake and what I eat during the day. I have a problem with not eating every meal. There have been days where I won’t eat till 8 at night. That’s a problem for me, and I’m trying to keep track that I’m eating every meal. It’s not to track that I’m eating healthy though I’m sure it will turn into that eventually. I will also write down if it rained that day, or if I had a headache that day. Just to try to figure out what exactly is causing my almost daily headaches.

Sleep Tacker and Time Log: This might sound silly, but I’m experimenting with these two trackers. I’m loosely trying to figure out if they will work for me or if they’re neccessary for me. This is really messy and a really rough draft. I don’t think I will continue using the Time Log, but I might keep using the sleep tracker. We shall see.


So that is all the Bullet Journal Trackers I am using regularly at the moment. I hope this post helped you in figuring out how to use a Bullet Journal to fit your needs! Be sure to let me know what other type of reading trackers you guys use to keep track of how much you’ve accomplished in your reading life!
let's do this thing.gifThanks for Reading!
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