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The Happiness Tag – Tag Time

I have seen this Happiness Tag multiple times in the reader. I like every single one of them. It’s difficult for me to write down exactly what makes me happy. It’s an important thing to know, and it makes me happy to see other really searching and finding exactly what makes them happy. So I decided to go ahead and list out mine. I also feel like this should be a tag I do once a year or so, just to see what makes me happy throughout the years. Enjoy!happiness-tag

List Five Things That Make You Happy
  • YouTube – I watch a lot of YouTube. I hardly ever watch TV anymore, and when I do it is online or Netflix. But YouTube is usually in the background while I work or blog. I listen to YouTube while I try to fall asleep. It’s basically like another version of Podcasts for me, which also make me very happy.
  • Amusement Parks – In recent years, we’ve gone to Disney World or Universal Studios at least once a year. Even though, the crowds have been a huge part of my anxiety and panic attacks. I still love going. The excitement of waiting in line and riding a new attraction really does make me happy and appreciative that I have the ability to go every so often. Then if you go enough, you have the time to take in all of the atmosphere and small things you never noticed before. It’s magic. I love it.
  • Journaling – I’ve always had a planner and organization is always big too me. I always love new notebooks and pens. It just helps me get away for a minute. Coloring books also fall into this category.
  • Musicals – This is a more recent love. Yes, it is mostly because of Hamilton. BUT, I’ve always been drawn too musicals. Grease and High School Musical were definitely some of my earlier loves.
  • Third Sunday Lunch – Every third Sunday of the month, we all go over to my Nannah’s house and eat. We’ve done this for a few years now, and I always end up looking forward to it. Mainly because I can’t cook, and she is an excellent cook. But also because it’s nice to see everybody every so often and catch up. We’re all so different and have many funny stories to tell from month to month. I just love it.

Books, bookstores, BookTube, book blogs, and book fan art are definitely some things that make me happy also. I feel like that is a huge duh though. Lol.

List Five Songs That Make You Happy

music-notesThis is something that definitely changes very, very often. Next time I do this, I hope to include it in a Spotify Playlist.

  • Remembering Sunday – All Time Low
  • Brick by Boring Brick – Paramore
  • Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
  • Misbehavin’ – Pentatonix
  • Always Running Out of Time – Motion City Soundtrack

My Tags: – Everyone should definitely do this someday. It just helps you realize what you need to do to get through the not so good times.

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