5 Things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday – 2/26/17

This weekly meme is brought to you by the wonderful Kendra @ Reads and Treats.
Be sure to check it out and join in! It’s super easy and fun to share simple things about your life.

This week’s topic: New Things to Try…

  1. Reading Graphic Novels – I’ve heard all about certain series, I just haven’t got into them yet.
  2. Stranger Things – I haven’t watched this yet. Mainly because I’m not a fan of scary things and I thought that’s what it was about. But I hope to devote some time to it in March!
  3. Sushi – I’ve tried it twice before, but hated it both times. We even have a restaurant around here called I Heart Sushi, so I should at least give it a try. Maybe the third time will work for me?
  4. Photoshop – At the moment, I do all my headers and everything on this blog in a Word Doc. If you can’t tell, cause it’s pretty bad. Lol. But, I want to learn and try to get into some sort of program to make better graphics for this blog.
  5. Bullet Journal – I’ve started journaling, but I want to expand what I do so far. Basically, I want to start doing the whole Bullet Journal thing with daily/weekly entries. I don’t accomplish that much on a day to day basis, but I want to try it out.I also want to get more creative with it, cause I’m not creative in the slightest. I’ll try to include a picture of what I’m doing so far. If you want to try it out, just search Bullet Journal on YT Or Pinterest. You’ll find tons of things.


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