Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – 2/7/17

February 7: Books I wish had more/less of X in them. I have decided to talk about books I wish had more pages/chapters in them!

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In no particular order:

  1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Just like two more chapters. That’s all I need.
  2. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour – It ends almost perfectly. But I’m selfish and want an epilogue.
  3. Too Late by C. Hoover – Again I’m selfish and want to know who’s baby it is. I love that Luke doesn’t care. But I care!
  4. Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover – This is probably my favorite novella ever. (Even with the slight consent issues that arise) But I just want more from Warren.
  5. Winger by Andrew Smith – I know this has a sequel, I’ve read it, It’s fantastic. But I just wanted a little bit more of how Winger handled the ending before some time past.
  6. More than Forever – Jay McLean – I just really liked Lucy and Cam’s relationship. I love that the spin-off series is with all of Lucy’s brothers. That way I can watch Lucy and Cam’s relationship grow too. So good!
  7. Shattered Hearts Series by Cassia Leo – I know there are six books in this series. But I loved Claire and Chris’s relationship. I just want more.
  8. Combative Series by Jay McLean – I know there’s a third book coming out. But I loved both relationships in the first two books, and I just wanted a couple more chapters from them!
  9. Harry Potter – This is obvious. I wish there were more pages, books, anything.

–For the most part, I accept how a book ends and love it for what it is. But sometimes, I get selfish and want just a tad bit more.
–I’d love to know if you have any books that you feel this way about, where you just want a tiny bit more!

Thanks for Reading!
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