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January 2017 -Random Wrap-Up

If you’re looking for a book-ish wrap-up check out this post. This post is going to be talking about other things I loved in January. I hope to continue to do this every month. Let’s roll.

27tv-showsGlee – I’ve watched the first 4 and a half-ish seasons since the beginning of December. I stopped after the Nationals episode in Season 5. I don’t know if I’ll finish season 5 and 6. It took a lot to get me through what I did of season 5. I loved the first 3 seasons. I still listen to a lot of songs from the complete season 2 soundtrack. I just was not loving it towards the end. But I still highly recommend you check it out. It’s a really good show to put on in the background while you accomplish things. boo ya glee.gif

Degrassi: Next Class – Season three came out on Netflix at the beginning of the month. I think I like this show only because I have no way of watching Next Generation. Lol. But I liked how they handled the bus crash and Maya’s depression and the refugees being welcomed and the abortion story line was great as well. Zig is by far my least favorite character in a Degrassi season ever, just wanted to share that opinion real quick. degrassi season 3.gif

Series of Unfortunate Events – As someone who really loved the book series for many years, I absolutely loved this. I was really skeptical of the parents being involved at the beginning, and then when you get to the last episode of the season and that ending is revealed. Ah, it broke me. But it was so good, and added such depth and understanding to the series. I love how each book is two episodes long. I love NPH in it as well. The narrator was my absolute favorite part. It was just great. I hope we get more episodes.  yessica.gif

222video games.pngI haven’t said anything about this on my blog. But I love playing The Sims 4, and this month toddlers came out! I was one of those people that thought having them would be cool, but I didn’t need them or complain about them not being there. But now that they’re there, I love them so much. I also got really into following some Legacies on Tumblr (you can follow me here). I might do some kind of current household post on my Tumblr soon of the Sims I’ve been playing with for a while. Who knows. Branching out into new things can be fun. sims toddler.gif

Resident Evil 7 also came out recently. And while I suck at games that aren’t Sims, I love watching gaming YouTubers. I’ve been watching them while I color to balance out the scary and creepy. My favorite YouTube channel ever is the GameGrumps, and they were playing it in VR for a second and it was absolutely hilarious. I did feel bad though, cause it looks ten times scarier in VR.game grumps.gif

26journalingI started what I call a make-shift Bullet Journal in January. I don’t use fancy pens or even one of those journals with the dots (that totally have a name that I can’t remember). I just got a pencil and a journal from Dollar General, and made some pages. I really liked the Habit Tracker -even though I didn’t keep up with everything some days-, and the monthly spread where I just wrote down what I did that day. I also used it to keep track of weekly posts and other things I want to do with my blog.
I’ll try to show off my monthly pages in these wrap-ups. just remember that I’m not super creative in any way, and there are way better bullet journals out there to follow. But also remember that a journal is there to help you, in whatever way you chose to use it.


I also want to share the coloring pages I finished this month. They’re from Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. Again, I am not the most creative person. But I loved how these few pages turned out. I also really like how colorful they turned out. In case you’re wondering, I just use Crayola colored pencils in these. Nothing fancy.


Podcasts – I got really into listening to the Jenna and Julian podcast while I was playing The Sims or blogging. I just like the humor in it, and I’ve like Jenna Marbles for a really long time. Like since Turtle backpack was a thing, and before she had Kermit. I need more funny-ish podcasts to listen to, so if you know any leave them in the comments! jenna and julien.gif

My Blog Posts – I think my favorite blog post I did this month was what I decided to call the Get to Know Me through Disney Tag!. I just really liked sharing my answers. I also really enjoyed doing the The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag. Be sure to check those posts out, becausequiet uptown.jpg I really enjoyed putting them together. And if you did these tags, I will be sure to check them out!

Hamilton Phone Wallpapers –  I went down a rabbit hole on Tumblr to find a new phone lock screen. My last one was a Fall Out Boy song lyric and it was my lock screen for over a year. Lol. I ended up with a It’s Quiet Uptown lock screen form this Tumblr page (linklink). I really wanted one that “The sun comes up and the world still spins,” but I couldn’t find one that worked for me. But I really like the one I ended up with.

I hope that’s it, because that was super long. I apologize. Lol.
Hope you enjoyed.mark bye.gifThanks for reading!


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