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December 2016 – Wrap-up


December 2016 – Wrap-up

edgeEdge of Always – 2 stars (Goodreads)
– I just felt like this was an unnecessary sequel, which is something that just happens in New Adult sometimes. But I really liked their relationship and the road trip aspect. I liked the added ending of the daughter going off to college. – But overall, I skimmed a lot of this cause stuff kept repeating. I would definitely recommend the first book though, I gave the first book 3.5/5 stars.

winners-curseThe Winner’s Curse – 4.5 stars (Goodreads)
– I really enjoyed this, and seeing as I don’t usually read a lot of fantasy books, it’s kind of a big deal. I really liked the world/setting and I really enjoyed the royalty aspect of it. It was kind of cliche that the royal fell in love with the slave, but I still really enjoyed it. I went through many emotions with both main characters, Kestrel and Arin. I love them both, but also didn’t like some of the things they did, but I also feel like that was the author’s point. But yesh, it was soo good!

dimlyDid I Mention I Love You? – 4 (Goodreads)
Did I Mention I Need You? – 3.5 (Goodreads)
Did I Mention I Miss You? – 2 (Goodreads)
– I think I got wrapped up in the drama at the beginning of this series, and then by the end I felt like everything was really drawn out and finished a little too perfectly in my eyes. I just did not like it at all towards the end. I think my main problem is that I do not like the whole falling in love with your stepbrother concept. There was an Abbi Glines book I read that also had that premise and I did not like it at all either. I also did not like the ending of book two, it was unnecessary and frustrating.  I would recommend the first book, but just be aware that it’s one of those really stretched out stories.


The Winner’s Crime – 3.5 (Goodreads)
– I don’t mean this in a bad way, but this book was just filler information to get to the next. Nothing great happened, but I still really enjoyed it. The characters are kind of frustrating teenagers, because if they would just talk to each other a lot of things would have been different, but that may have also been the author’s point to make the conversation frustrating. But at the same time I really liked how this ended and can’t wait to pick up the last book in the trilogy.


The Truth about Alice – 3.5 (Goodreads)
– This had really goo topics, and I really liked the different POVs every chapter. It was really well done. But this was mainly just a book version of a Degrassi or One Tree Hill episode, and wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever read. But it was only 199 pages, so I would totally recommend it for a quick read.

fracturesininkFractures in Ink – 4 (Goodreads)
– I really enjoyed the books that take place before this one and this standalone did not disappoint. The only negative is that the plot twist in like the last ten pages was a little too perfect for me. But I really enjoyed their relationship and drive to be together through everything else. I really need to get into more Helena Hunting books!

And those are the eight books that I read in December! I’m super excited for 2017!
Thanks for reading!


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