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Tag Time – This or That Book Tag


I was not tagged, and I also can’t find where this tag originated from but I saw it here.
And I just really wanted to do it.
So let’s roll.

Audio or Physical Book?
I can never pay attention to audio books, so physical book.

Paperback or Hardback?
I’m weird and actually like paperbacks way better than hardbacks.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Fiction, definitely.

Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?
Hmm. A little of both.

Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter. Twilight doesn’t have a theme park. –lol-

Borrow or Buy?
Buy, if I can.

Monster Reads or Short & Sweet?
Usually I gravitate towards short & sweet, but every now and then I’ll get into a long read.

Starry Eyed Romance or Full of Action?
In 2016, I read a lot of New Adult romances. So definitely romance.

Curl Up & Snuggle or Bathe in the Sun?
Sun. I love reading outside.

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee with a lot of creamer and sugar. Hot tea has never been my thing.

Be sure to try out this quick and simple tag  for yourself!
Thanks for reading!


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