Sorting My Family into Hogwarts Houses

-We have a trip coming up at the end of December to the theme parks in Orlando. And since I will definitely be buying a wand and other HP souvenirs, I wanted to see what house the rest of the family falls into. Just for giggles.

-You have to remember that I’m the only one that has read the books, so when I reference things like Tonks and Lupin, other house elves besides Dobby, or the Marauders I get really weird looks. Sometimes I’m even jokingly told that I making things up, lol.
So they really did not care one way or the other. But I had fun with it.

My Predictions:
Dad – I really had no clue which one I he would get.
Mom – Hufflepuff – Like me. We’re way more similar than I like to let on.
Jackson – Ravenclaw – He’s actually a lot smarter than he lets on most days.
Jeremey – Slytherin – I really didn’t have a reason why, it’s just what I thought he would get.

What They Got:
Dad – Gryffindor – It surprised me too. He keeps jokingly bragging about it.
Mom – Ravenclaw – Even after I explained what it means, she still didn’t like it that much, especially after my dad got Gryffindor.
Jackson – Ravenclaw – My only right prediction!
Jeremey – Hufflepuff – It fits, but I still think Slytherin fits better.
And as always, I’m a Hufflepuff!
-Now I can make sure everyone gets at least a key chain with their house on it!-

If you want to be sorted or find out your patronus, be sure to check out Pottermore!
Thanks for reading!


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